She dips her talon in your brain and stirs the contents idly, smiles to see your agony, stops to try the taste of pain. Savouring your essence on those lips - that mouth and you lost soul, you beg her to begin again to dip, to stir to taste again. You beg to be her sacrifice, to kiss each nail upon her toes, be that initiate who kneels impaled on her stiletto heels. Become the acolyte who knows, the secret of the fall of man, the Cult that is the Mistress Angela


The ultimate real mistress with very beautiful eyes, an intense gaze that will turn your blood to fire or ice in an instant, & bring you to your knees.


Although born in Spain  I started out my path as a Domina at 16 years old. Since then I living the alternative lifestyle to the max and tormenting my slaves along the way at every given opportunity.


I am adept in the arts of domination, strict discipline, ritual initiation, role play, humiliation, psychodrama and much more. Enter my world of dark power play, give up your control & give into my will. Your life will be transformed in ways you can't imagine.


I'm both cruel and sadistic, intoxicating and magnetic. You will strive to prove yourself worthy and satisfy my exacting standards. Serving and pleasing me will be the focus of your life, your highest ambition as my slave. I will mould you into the perfect subject. A journey which will consume your mind, your body and ultimately your soul.


I indulge in most fetishes and forms of BDSM, whether you're a novice or an experienced player, all levels are welcome.


If you desire the opportunity to serve at my divine feet and maybe even to become one of my select loyal disciples you may 

respectfully contact me via phone or email.


Please note - I DO NOT offer any sexual services, intimate body worship or hard sports, this is not open to negotiation.


I do all practices bdsm, but i prefer to know your experience, you limits and your favorite practices.



I attend in my particular apartament  but i can go to your hotel room too. ( +50€)


I only attend one day in advance.


Services / practices


1. Spanking (spanking) with the hand, spank shovel, whip, comb, house slippers, belt, etc. (I do not leave marks if you do not want to.


2. Ballbusting (kicks in the testicles level to choose) with sports shoes, heels, bare foot, heels with spikes, etc.


3. Trampling (stepping on the body) with heels, without heels, sports shoes, boots, etc (no leave marks)


4. Torture nipple (ligth / erotic, medium or strong) with tweezers, pinches, with heels, bites, ice, candle wax, turn off the cigar, etc. This will depend on your experience and preferences because I can do all the above and make you live an erotic experience instead of painful. (No marks)


5. OTK (spank) classic whip on the lap of the Mistress with the palm of the hand (No marks)


6. Classical English Discipline (I will be your teacher and you go to be student) this practice can be erotic or strict. (No marks)


7. Physical / verbal humiliation (Light / erotic, medium or high level)


8. Practice with tape (can be erotic or severe and no marks)


9. Physical / mental punishment


10. Candle wax (dont leave marks and can be erotic or severe)


11. Skat


12. Golden Shower


13. Foot fetish, footwear, etc.


14. Strapon / figging (ginger dildo) / dildos / fisting (anal dilation) / vibrators


15. Penis / testis suctioner (can be severe or erotic)


16. Immobilization with handcuffs or rope.


17. Faceslapping / slapping (severe or erotic, does not leave a mark)


18. Light / strong asphyxia with hands, thighs, feet, armpits, bag, film paper or garments. (erotic or severe and leaves no marks)


19. Human furniture / chair / footrest / etc


20. Bastinado a level to choose on the soles


21. Fantasy of forced bisexuality (I do it with the harness, I do not include other submissive people in my sessions of bisexuality and etc)


22. Sissy (maid) / slut (whore) / pig (pig) / dog (dog) / pony (horse) / cuckold (cuckold) training 


23. Crush fetish stepping fruit, yogurt etc


24. Smoke fetish see smoking to the mistress, to throw smoke, human ashtray etc.


25. Electro stimulation


26. Chastity belt during the session (you must bring yours)


27. Facesitting sit on your face until you cant breath.


28. Deprivation of the senses tries to cover the eyes, ears, mouth etc (you can choose)


29. Spitting spitting somewhere in the submissive to choose for it, can be saliva, fruit, food, etc.


30. Games with ice (erotic or severe) is about passing ice cubes for certain parts of the body, introducing them in the anus of the submissive, mouth and etc.


31. Latex Fetish


32. Tickling (provoked tickling of the submissive)


33. Balloon Fetish / Fetish looner (for looners)


It is impossible to name all practices, if you are looking one pacticular practices and it isnt in this lista, please ask about it.


I do all the bdsm and fetish practices but under no request is Sex (neither oral sex nor penetration by either of the two parties).


My sessions are confidential.


Between the submissive and the Mistress there will always be a relationship based on confidentiality, this will tell your Mistress your most intimate secrets, which will never tell anyone or even your partner, as long as She satisfies your bdsm sexuality .